Shopify-ACE integration

As we get closer to September, retailers everywhere are getting their businesses ready for the busy holiday season. This is the best time to look at refreshing your in-store merchandising and getting ready to grow both your online and in-store sales. With that in mind, we have launched a new version of the ACE-Shopify Integration Add-On. We’re so excited about our latest version, we’d like you to have it too! Until the end of August 2017, save $150 off the regular price of $750 for our add-on webstore integration.

With our latest integration, manage both in-store and Shopify online sales and inventory, right from your ACE Retail point-of-sale system. Keep your inventory quantities up-to-date, avoid duplication and save time by using our integration to:

  • Auto-import online orders to ACE
  • Auto-add new online customers to ACE
  • Auto-post online payments to ACE for cashout reconciliation
  • Auto-post default taxes from online orders to the same tax accounts in ACE for easy reporting
  • Auto-update inventory QTY OH from Shopify to ACE and vice-versa as they are selling
  • Auto-update descriptions, weights and tags directly from ACE to your online store
  • Auto-update prices from ACE (regular price, MSRP, sale price, pricelist) to your online store
  • Option to auto-upload new products from ACE to your online store
  • Upload products with multiple attributes directly from ACE to your online store
  • Hide/Delete products in-store, online or in both directly from ACE
  • Option to use Description 2 field in ACE inventory items for online product names

This integration is a one-time fee and includes 1 support call to show you how to configure ACE with your Shopify online store. For more information on how our integration works or to take advantage of our one-time special, please send us an email at If you need further assistance building your e-commerce site, customizing themes or integrating your online store to ACE, please check out our latest Shopify Setup Packages.