Emergency Support Protocol


  • ACE POS maintains a 24-hour call service for emergencies

  • Non-emergency inquiries and email support are handled during local office hours: 09:00 to 17:00 EST Monday to Friday. Please book an appointment here for non-urgent requests.

  • Please note: Technical support and after-hour emergency assistance is only available to active support plan members.

In non-emergency situations, please contact us during our regular business hours: 09:00 to 17:00 EST, Monday to Friday

What is an Emergency Support Call and When to Call?

Critical operation of your point of sale system is impeded. Examples include:

  • Your workstations cannot connect to the server

  • You cannot log into the software application on any workstation (not internet connectivity or password related)

  • Impending hardware failure and you need assistance backing up your POS system

  • Cannot process a sale due to a software error message (pop-up)

  • Cashdrawers are not opening

  • Receipt printers are not operating

  • NOTE: In a situation where your server computer is down as a result of a hardware failure, the emergency support team will not have the tools to re-install or transfer your software license if you are not running the latest version of ACE Retail 3000. If you are running a legacy version, the emergency support team will do their best to assist you with backing up your database and will need to escalate the issue.

What is not an Emergency Support Call?

When operations are NOT critically impeded. Examples include:

  • Internet is down

  • Any training-related issues

  • An ongoing issue that requires support escalation

  • A request for a software license re-installation or transfer

  • A request to install an additional software license

  • Setting up system configurations or programs

  • Some features have issues but payments can be processed

  • Changing promotions or product pricing

  • Secondary hardware (e.g. label printers) are not operating

  • Import of inventory items

  • Synchronization errors

  • Issues regarding inventory levels

How to Contact Support during an Emergency?

During an emergency please follow this protocol:

  • Call our Support line (+1.416.221.2555 or +1.855.660.2555) and press 2 to be patched to our first available emergency support technician. If all of the agents are currently busy, please leave a message indicating the nature of your emergency technical support issue. A support ticket will be opened for you but please be sure to include the name of your store and the best phone number to contact you at so that the next available technician is able to call you back.

  • Emails are not monitored during after-hours support. Please call if the matter is urgent.

  • Calls are tracked and deducted as part of active support plans.

  • Please note that emergency support assistance is only available to active support members. If you are no longer an active support plan member, please email a request to support@acepos-solutions.com to log your request and the sales department will be in contact with you during main office hours.

Last modified: Jan 1, 2018