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If you own a retail or a wholesale business, you need more than just an old-fashioned cash register to maximize your sales potential. This is where ACE Retail Point of Sale (POS) can help run your business more efficiently and save you time, money and stress.ACE POS is a complete point of sale and retail management system. While a cash register merely rings up sales, ACE POS rings out sales and amasses real-time information on your customers, sales, inventory and accounting — all while growing your business.Generally speaking, there are two types of POS systems:1) payment-centric systems2) retail management solutionsPayment-centric systems focus on payment processing. By contrast, retailmanagement systems like ACE have more advanced capabilities that include inventory management, accounting integration and retail-oriented customer relationship management (CRM) such as loyalty programming.As a complete Point of Sale and retail management system, ACE POS offers a boatload of standard, easy-to-use functions that will improve every aspect of your business operation.1. Managing InventoryIf you own a store, you need to keep track of how much inventory you have, what you need to stock up on, what’s selling and what isn’t selling. A clothing boutique, for example, may have thousands of SKUs, and keeping track of those items can be a real chore, not to mention costly if you have too much or too little in stock.ACE POS allows for quick and accurate physical counts, as well as barcoding and product categorizing. Track your inventory by day, week, month and year, and ACE will even record the past prices you paid for stock so that you can compare your purchase history.Having consistent, real-time knowledge of your inventory status means you can operate more efficiently and more profitably.2. Gaining Business InsightsOperating a business can mean wading through a huge amount of data, but ACE POS solves this problem by offering customizable reports that grab info on any combination of your sales, inventory, management, cashiers, customers and vendors and purchasing.Want to view your sales trends from a particular month in a particular department? Just input the date range and add as much or as little additional information as you like to get instant reports. You can even export the reports to Excel with a few clicks.3. Streamlining OperationsGetting all of your employees on the right page will make your business run smoother. ACE POS lets you set basic functions on its intuitive sales screen so that your employees know how to ring in sales, set discounts and create invoices.In addition to the software, ACE POS can also come bundled with a standard set of hardware features such as a cash drawer, receipt printer, barcode scanner, and credit and debit card processor. Our complete package features initial system set-up and training for your employees so that your entire staff is ready to go from the start.4. Maximizing Customer RelationshipsBuilding solid relationships with your customers is crucial to any successful business and ACE POS makes it easy to track and analyze how your customers shop. Complete customer purchase history tells you what customers like so that you can implement loyalty programs and points, sell gift cards, create customized gift registries and log store credits.If you own a tea shop and one of your customers likes ginger tea, ACE tracks this information, letting you send custom mailing lists, promote sales and offer discounts on ginger tea directly to that customer. Knowing what your customers want will keep them wanting more.A reliable POS system can take your business to the next level. ACE POS offers the above features and so much more. Sign up for a free blog updates to learn more about why ACE POS is the best friend your business will ever have.