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The development team has been busy working on a slew of new features in the ACE-Shopify integration module. Check out the latest functions now available to ACE POS customers!

If you are an active support plan member who has already purchased the ACE-Shopify integration module, simply book a time here directly on our new support calendar (please book a Software Update time slot) to update your ACE Retail software to the latest version of the Shopify integration.

If you’re looking to purchase the Shopify integration for the first time, take advantage of our summer specials below to save money and make sure your online store is ready for the holidays! Contact us at for more details or to schedule a demo.

NEW Integration Features

  • Option to auto-upload ACE product descriptions into Shopify product meta descriptions for SEO
  • Auto-update QTY OH after refund/voiding an invoice in the ACE salescreen
  • Auto-update QTY OH in Shopify after an inventory count is finalized
  • Auto-update QTY OH in Shopify after transfers between stores (ACE multi-store only)
  • Ability in ACE to manage whether individual products are tracked, can be sold when out-of-stock or require shipping in Shopify.

NEW Multi-Store Integration Option

(NOTE: Requires the ACE-Shopify Multi-Store Integration module. Subject to Shopify plan limits on the number of stores.)

  • Ability to auto-update inventory QTY OH for the same products (same PLU or SKU) from ACE to Shopify from different physical store allocations as they are selling
  • Ability to auto-update inventory QTY OH based on the store that fulfills the online order in a multi-location ACE-Shopify integration set-up.

It’s that time of year again. Hot weather is back and we’re happy to announce our Shopify summer specials are here again for time limited period. Take advantage of these promotional prices while they’re here as they’re only available until Aug 30, 2019.

Due to limited time slots during our busy summer period, set-up services will be scheduled for new Shopify integration customers on a first-come, first-serve basis.

For more details, please email for more information or to schedule a demo.

Time Limited Summer Specials

Time limited summer specials

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