Get ready for your inventory count - free ScanNow app until Dec 30! EXTENDED!

Our Android mobile app, ScanNow, is currently available for download on GooglePlay. Unlike other scanning apps, we focus on the most important task at hand - being able to do your inventory count with your smart device and posting it back into your point of sale. At the same time, a lot of effort has been put into the design of the ScanNow interface to make it simple and intuitive to use. Features include: - Standalone operation - Automatic scan, Quick add or Manual input, all available from the same screen - Designed to allow for continuous entry - Smart search lookup of imported inventory lists - Unlimited inventory items or count batches (full version only) - Import / Export of data with spreadsheet templates (via email) - Option for direct integration to ACE Retail 3000 over wifi network (integration fee required) - No advertisement Compatible Devices: - Android mobile devices - CipherLab RS30 Android Enterprise Scanner (smart device with built-in 1D laser scanner) Download the lite version (limit of 100 products) to test out the standalone app. EXTENDED!!!! SPECIAL OFFER for ACE Customers: FREE full version license of the standalone mobile app until Dec 30, 2016. Email for your GooglePlay redemption code.

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ScanNow Mobile Inventory App