Grow with the ACE Retail Multi-Store module

Let’s face it: having multiple store locations can be challenging and time consuming for any business owner, but not with ACE Retail. 

If you have a head office with multiple stores, ACE Retail lets you link up all of your locations for efficient inventory, sales and employee management. Eliminate duplication, streamline your operations and maximize your time spent on growing your business.

The ACE Retail Multi-Store Control add-on module lets you effortlessly connect and manage all of your store locations from a centralized location.

Multi-Store Control Features include:

Data viewing
 ACE Retail multi-store module gives you an integrated, real-time view of all of your stores’ operations and data.
Security control
Set powerful security and permission perimeters to be controlled and/or delegated by head office.
Real-time store management
ACE Retail multi-store real-time store management gives you the highest levels of accuracy on current inventory, returns, and sales promotions, all of which contribute to overall customer satisfaction. Control moving and selling products between stores and choose between manual and automatic (unattended) data synchronization options.
The multi-store module fully integrates with ACE Retail software and ACE POS products.
Reporting and tools
The customizable reports and flexible, built-in retail customer relationship management tools give you the reporting and knowledge management you need to grow your business.​