ACE POS Equipment Rental Policy

Please read all information!

By renting equipment from ACE POS Solutions Ltd. (APS), you accept that the equipment is in good, functional condition at the time received. If we ship the rental equipment to you and the package is delivered damaged, opened, or is suspicious-looking, do not accept it and notify us immediately. If you discover any damage upon receipt, save all packaging material for inspection by the carrier’s agents and notify us immediately.

Rental Terms and Conditions

  1. You agree to pay the rental rate for the period the merchandise is used and in transit.
  2. You agree to promptly return the merchandise at the end of the rental period in the same condition as received.
  3. You agree to pay for any damages to, or loss of, the rented merchandise that occurs during your time of possession or because of loss and/or damage from improperly packing the equipment for the return shipment.
  4. Upon return and inspection, any and all repairs necessary and/or accessories missing that were itemized will be charged at our current rates and billed to you.
  5. A full day rental is charged, even for a partial day’s use. There are absolutely no refunds for early returns. You agree to pay the regular rental rate of $25 for each day that the merchandise is not returned beyond the agreed upon rental period and until the merchandise is returned to APS.
  6. You agree to pay APS for any charges incurred by APS to recover merchandise not promptly returned when requested. APS retains title to the merchandise and the right to end this lease and take possession of the merchandise if it is not returned on request.
  7. APS assumes no responsibility or other liability of any kind for the results resulting from the use of the equipment.
  8. You must provide a minimum deposit of $500 (or higher) in the form of a credit card authorization or cash to be returned upon completion of the rental and receipt of the returned equipment by APS.​

Last Modified: December 1, 2016