Purchasing Management 

With the ACE Retail software, inventory management is more than just inventory quantities sold. It includes built-in advanced purchasing features including:

  • min / max stock levels

  • vendor PID tracking

  • unlimited barcodes for every SKU

  • automatic re-order drafting

  • automatic pop-up reminders

  • uploadable vendor pricelists

  • vendor pack sizes

  • receiving

  • and more!

Easy Purchasing
ACE Retail allows you to set automatic draft purchase order generation based on Minimum Stock Level. There is even an optional pop-up reminder! Reduce your time spent preparing purchase orders by generating multiple purchase orders simultaneously in just seconds. Manage and track purchase orders from start to finish so you know what products have been received and which products remain on back-order. Purchase order information will be transferred directly into your accounting software (QuickBooks, Sage 50 Canada & US) as accounts payable.

Sales-Based Re-Stocking
ACE Retail shows your stock levels and sales history right on the purchase order screen. Use the intuitive visual bar graph to see how much stock you have on hand, and how much you’ve sold per month. At the same time, use our automatic reordering based on your minimum stock levels to ensure that stockouts are a thing of the past! You can even set up a pop-up reminder to let you know when a draft purchase order has been triggered by a low inventory item.